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Rules for season 3 Empty Rules for season 3

Post by mkj13 on August 7th 2012, 2:06 pm

Here are the rules for the upcoming league! i posted the new rules for everyone!

League will start August 7th and end August 26th at midnight. the top 4 to 8 teams at the end of the league will go on to playoffs and must have at least 12 games in, giving everyone 2 weeks and three days to play their games, you may play every team up to 3 times on different maps. After your game is complete send me a message and let me know the outcome then i will update the standings of post the on the forums on the thread i will make, Also if you cap or stream please let me know so we can cast them the next day! ( or cast live )
Any questions hit me up on l4dsaferoom or xbl

Top 8 teams go to a playoff bracket

Also Whatever team is joining the league, that will be your team for the rest of that season. there is no disbanding aloud untill the current season is over. Deadline for sign up is friday the 10th.

-Violation of these, or any rules, may result in anything from replaying the map in question ( recommended ), or the team that broke the rules will be penalized depending on what the admin feels is necessary . so if you break a rule points will be taken off in the amount the admin feel is right. or restart chapter.

All games must be played on the confogl mutation

Maps and chapters that will be played
1 - Dead center 1-4
2 - Dark carnival 1-5
3 - Swamp fever 1-4 { survivors need to stand left of spot where you trigger the event )
4 - The parish 1-5
5 - Hard rain 1-4
6 - No mercy 1-5 ( no tank ch 1 @ 4 )
7 - Dead Air 1-5 ( survivors must do this - )
8 - Blood harvest 1-4
9 - Death toll 1-4
10 - Cold stream - 1-4 ( no tank on ch 1 )
11 - The passing 1-3
12 - The sacrifice 1-3
13 - Crash course 1-2

Added rules - Hard rain elevator attack with a spitter in banned on chapters 2 & 3. This attack is dumb and ruins the campaign. ( if you don't like this rule don't play hard rain )

Dead center 3 - If a witch spawns after the event the survivors DO NOT have to kill her. ( due to bad spawn locations)

Dark carnival - Chapter 2 Survivors may not go on top of the shelves in the barn do to it be inaccessible to common infected, the witch and will instantly kill a ai tank if it targets them

Chapter 4 - to stop deathracing the Mustachio game is not allowed to be triggered by the infected

Chapter 5 - The tent out side the saferoom is not allowed to be jumped on to by the survivors

Parish Finale 1 - At the first hole there is a glitch spot where survivors can jump to and infected can not move them ( )

Parish Finale 2 - In the area where the tank spawns Survivors are not allowed to go on to second part of the bridge untill the tank is DEAD. you may walk up to the bottom part of the bridge, but if survivors go on the second part of the bridge before the tank is dead, survivors forfit all points earned on the finale

Ringers - Since you can play a match when ever you want, both teams have to agree to the ringer before the match starts

Host - Since everyone can playing everyone two times. each team will host one of their two matches.
the team hosting is the home team and the other team picks survivors or infected.

Health items - Survivors are aloud to take all health on every map. we will try and play the game the way it is! less rules the better, ( If the teams want to play starters only thats an agreement between teams. but, rules are all health is allowed

-You may use only two throwables 1 pipebomb, 1 bilebomb. ( sometimes the molly won't spawn for both teams) In cases where the game spawns more than one of each do not pick up or use the additional throwables. Even as a “joke”.

- hunting rifles only one per team

-health items from the ending saferoom are not to be used at all.

-Do not leave the saferoom if the other team is down a player.

-If a player on your team lags out between rounds they must rejoin as soon as possible. If they (or the 5th player on the roster) does not rejoin within 15 minutes the match will be forfeited.

-Use of any game exploit, such as, but not restricted to, charging as you become tank, use of shortcuts, of your own accord getting to or remaining in any place inaccessable to common infected, going anywhere that breaks a tank spawn, skipping crescendo, glitching witch, is not permitted.

-No jumping off of a high area as a survivor and spam the pick up button on a incapped survivor to avoid fall damage!

-If a tank glitches on a finale, it must be replayed. (if the other survivor team already played then they keep their previous score)

-No spamming return to lobby, restart chapter, all talk votes, etc. without genuine reason. Being mad is not a genuine reason.

-All witches must be killed without the use of fire.

-All tanks must be killed. Survivors Are allowed to grab ammo out of each saferoom one at a time. But are not allowed to fight the tank in EITHER safroom. And survivors are not allowed to close the saferoom door, ending the round while the tank is still alive

-One person from your team must record the whole game in full, otherwise in the case of a dispute the whole game may be voided and neither team awarded the win. We cannot make a decision on a dispute without any supporting evidence.

-Teams can request a lag test before the match begins. This requires the first team setting up the match and allowing 5 minutes of play to make sure the other team does not have any connection issues. If there are connection issues you must accomodate the other team. Purposely trying to take host advantage is not acceptable.

If a rule/guideline is broken accidently and you believe it may have an adverse affect on the outcome of the game talk to the other team and arrange for the chapter to be replayed. Do not attempt to dispute if an issue you have can be resolved easily in game. Addtionally, do not ignore/refuse to acknowledge another teams attempt to resolve a dispute there and then.

Teams/players who are disqualified may or may not be permitted in future tournaments—situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

At their discretion, those running this tournament may make executive decisions that are not covered, or perhaps even conflict with these rules. Or choosing not to give out the prizes for their own reasons. Whilst matches are played via left4deadsaferoom, the admins of left4deadsaferoom will decide the outcome of a game in the case of a dispute. ( mkj13, Omg beard, Lambson)

if you don't like the rules then don't play.

i will post a thread of players that can make confogl lobbies for everyone that needs one for their league games! lol just kidding


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