Season 5 W/L Record

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Season 5 W/L Record Empty Season 5 W/L Record

Post by JibJabJessie on February 21st 2013, 8:24 pm

Below is a list of the win/loss record of each team. Please note: This is NOT a total indicator of your place in the playoffs. It's ultimately according to your rank! Ranks are under "Season 5 Rankings Leaderboard". Again, ranks are according to relative skill based off these W/L records.

Up to date as of 4/7/13 9:42PM EST.

(18-10) Domestic Violence
(17-7) Let’s Talk About It
(12-4) TMNT
(11-1) Get Money Gang
(9-2) Real G’s Relate
(6-15) Crafty Vets
(4-0) Remnants of Fate
(4-1) NOOB kids on the block
(4-8) Money Shot
(1-7) Urine Trouble
(0-3) Coach’s body

(0-2) Team Bad Kids R Us
(6-9) Say No 2 Nappy Hoez
(4-7) Terrorble
(2-3) AMONG the Infected
(4-9) Spit Man
(1-4) Canadian Milk Bags
(0-4) Team Random
(0-1) Die by Gunshot
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