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Winter Tournament Rules Empty Winter Tournament Rules

Post by That One Common on November 22nd 2013, 2:58 pm


Admins: l RnRDixonCider, x Evergloam, Not So Saviour and dave14810

*The tournament will begin on December 1st. The semi-finals will begin on December 22nd, and the finals will begin on December 28th and end January 1st. This allots you enough time to play the minimum and maximum of games, as well as allow teams to work schedules in their games to make sure everyone will be able to play a game.
*The tournament will ultimately be played on a point system, not a ladder or bracket system. The winning team will receive 3 points while the losing team receives 1.
*Teams are required to play at least every team 1 time to make it to semi-finals.
*Teams can not play a team more than 8 times.
*Inactive teams (teams that have not played a game within a week) will be removed unless a reason is given beforehand or during the inactivity.
*The roster size is 5 unless stated otherwise. This allows you to have a full team to play with, as well as a registered replacement.
*Ringers are allowed. The opponent team must agree that you can use ringers, but you can not use more than 2 ringers in a game.
*Ringers can not be on a different team. This also applies to alternate accounts.
*Teams can join the tournament up until December 8th (one week after the tournament starts).
*The maps that are allowed to be played are...

Dead Center,
The Passing,
Dark Carnival,
Swamp Fever,
Hard Rain,
The Parish,
No Mercy,
Crash Course,
Dead Air,
Death Toll,
Blood Harvest.
The Sacrifice.

No Mercy, and Cold Stream have no tanks on the first map, and the fourth map has no tank for No Mercy.


Notes for maps:
* Hard Rain
The finale is not to be played.
On Chapters 2 and 3, spitting in the elevator is illegal.

* Dark Carnival
On Chapter 2, standing on top of the shelves is illegal. Doing so glitches out the horde, forces the tank to die if it goes AI, and is overall a cheap move.
On Chapter 4, triggering the Mustachio bell by infected is illegal.
On Chapter 4, if the tank spawns in the barns, you are not allowed to push on top of the barns for deathracing points.
On Chapter 5, the survivors are not allowed to jump on the tent outside of the saferoom. If a tank hits you up there, you are to jump down immediately.

* Swamp Fever
On the finale, survivors must stand in the corner to the left of the radio that starts the finale.

* The Parish
On the finale, survivors are not allowed to jump in the glitch spot on the posterior end of the first hole. The commonly known spot behind the ear of the bus is okay to use as you can still hang a survivor from there, but you cannot hang a person standing on the other spot.
On the finale, survivors cannot run past the tank for deathracing points or move past the buses onto the second part of the bridge until the tank is dead.

* Dead Air
On Chapter 5, for the finale, the survivors must camp in the corner by the fence and open terminal. When tank spawns, survivors can move away if they wish, but must return there after the tank is killed.

* Death Toll
On the finale, survivors must fight the horde inside of the house until the tank spawns.

* Blood Harvest
On the finale, survivors must fight the horde inside the house until the tank spawns.


*No fire is allowed. This includes: Gas Cans, molotovs, fireworks.
*One pipe bomb and one bile jar is allowed
*The default rule for games is all-health. This means teams can pick up any pills or adrenaline shots they find on the map for their own use. This rule can be changed, so long as both teams agree on it.
*An all talk vote must be called each round. This signifies both teams are ready and set to go. If not everyone votes, the survivors are to stay in the saferoom until everyone is ready.
*Survivors can not enter a saferoom when the tank is alive. The running on tanks/pushing past a tank rule has ultimately been removed. Try to be a good sport and fight the tank instead of running. Deathracing will be dealt with by the admins if they see the act as deathracing (pushing to a more suitable area and running halfway across a map are two seperate things.)
*Starting a crescendo event while a tank is alive is illegal.
*If one survivor is up while the rest of their team is down, they can not run for points. 
*If a team mate lags out, survivors must stop while a replacement is found. If survivors are bleeding out, the game will be played normally.
*If a lag-out persists past 20 minutes, teams can reschedule the game or the team lagging out can choose to forfeit.
*If a tank glitches out (disappearing under/outside of the map, randomly dying, etc etc) then the chapter must be restarted.
*Glitching or exploiting the game is illegal. This includes: Charging when you're becoming the tank, standing on CI-inaccessible areas, duplicating pills, jockey-punching/rocking, jumping and holding the use button to pick up a survivor, glitching a witch by running to saferoom, ladder-blocking with the SI, etc etc. Teams will be held responsible if these, or any, exploits or glitches are done.
*Questionable glitches or exploits are to be taken up to the admins. If you're not sure if something is an exploit, message us.
*Witches must be addressed without the use of fire.
*Be a good sport when you kill SI. Leaving a spitter alive or meleeing infected around is in bad taste and frowned upon. If you see it, kill it. Simple as that.
*An individual is responsible for his own actions, not his entire team. If one person does a glitch, they are held responsible. If one person breaks a rule, they are held responsible.
*Do not spam votes like kick votes or all-talks. It's annoying and should be kept to your pub games or friends only games.
*If survivors are bleeding out when someone lags out, they are allowed to push forward on the map. The team lacking a member will attempt to get their teammate back a.s.a.p. 
*If a lag-out persists past 20 minutes, the game can either be forfeited or rescheduled at a later time. In the case of a forfeit, the team with the lagged out member will lose. 
*The punishment for breaking the rules and such will be determined by the admins. This may be a point deduction, loss, etc. etc. but will be judged fairly.
*T-bagging your teammates is legal.

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