Winter Confogl Tournament Teams

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Winter Confogl Tournament Teams  Empty Winter Confogl Tournament Teams

Post by That One Common on December 6th 2013, 6:35 pm

Teams are to report any wins/losses to x Evergloam or Not So Saviour. Reporting the games to anyone else will not count. Games with issues (such as rule breaking) will be dealt with accordingly. If you do not report your game to the two people above, you will not receive points for them!

Team Admins: Filthy Spitter Tits
1. Not So Saviour 
2. SR20Owner
3. Doc Valentine

Quack Attack
1. l A2IZ0NA l
2. x crystallove x
3. DoublellDragon
4. Douglas p quaid
5. Ratchet Breh

Team: DBdrake513
1. DBdrake513
3. SupaBoyPRIME

Team: Str8 Floatin
1. Str8 Floatin 
2. Imminent TRAUMA 
3. Nz DEVIL zN 
5. take a hit33

Team: Foxtwin7
1. Foxtwin7 
2. Foxtwin2 
5. Docz

Team: Bp TheBest
1. Bp TheBest 

Team: Gandhis Mate
1. Gandhis Mate 
2. x321 Hazard 
3. RollingPeak1 
4. Brenden SOSA 
5. Primetime RJ20


Quack Attack Team: 5 wins, 1 losses.
16 points total.

Bp TheBest Team: 5 wins, 0 losses
15 points total.

DBdrake513 Team: 4 wins, 0 losses
12 points total.

Gandhis Mate Team: 6 wins, 3 losses.
21 points total. 

Not So Saviour Team: 0 wins, 4 losses.
4 points total.

Str8 Floatin Team: 0 wins, 9 losses.
9 points total.

Foxtwin7 Team: 3 wins, 0 losses.
9 points total.

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