Season 5 Playoffs

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Season 5 Playoffs Empty Season 5 Playoffs

Post by JibJabJessie on April 19th 2013, 4:51 pm

Each round, both teams are given one week to play their game. The higher ranked team will choose the map, and the contender will choose which side they will play as. It will be SPO based on its popularity this season. Both teams must inform one of the admins when the game will be played. One ringer is allowed if a team wishes to do so. Last minute changes are okay, too, provided the team has "changeouts" left. Two ringers are allowed only if the opposing team agrees to it. (This is due to activity declining.) This bracket will be updated as soon as games are played.

Season 5 Playoffs Ladder13

* Added two days to the playoffs due to my report being two days late. The finals was pushed back two days as well. May change again, but I will always give teams a week's notice to play.
* Extended Week 2 another week due to server and scheduling issues for both teams.
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